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Part of having a blog for our website is to help everyone who visits our spot on the web find ideas on creating a home they love the look of and be unique.  In order to do this I search high and low to find other blogs or articles talking about projects or decorating ideas to help place pictures of how our products will look in your everyday life.  One way I have been experimenting with finding ideas and putting them out for everyone to see is on Pinterest (check out our pins).  This is where I stumbled across a pin discussing how to get rid of the unsightly popcorn ceiling by adding V-Joint paneling.

Southern Living Inspiration  Southern Living Inspiration

The inspiration came from an awesome blog with lots of ideas for decorating and fixing up a home called The Lettered Cottage.  I don’t want to steal their thunder or words from them but I do want to showcase their work on how to change a room for very little amount of money. They did a wonderful job creating a room that gives the feel of the original Southern Living photograph.  Their work nailed it exactly in my opinion and we stile haven’t seen how it looks with the furniture in place.  I can’t wait to see the completely finished project!

Before I showcase any of their pictures I do feel to point out the product they used is a T&G paneling very similar in look to Thomas Lumber’s paneling but it isn’t the same.  We carry a 1×6 T&G J-Joint Paneling in lengths from 8-feet to 16-feet in length.  Also have both 1″x 8″ and 1″x 6″ boards.  The paneling used on the blog is a 1/2″ x 4″.  The overall look is affected very little by using any of the different widths of T&G paneling (4″, 6″, or 8″) but the install time is quicker with the wider boards.  Also having various lengths to play with will help to install the paneling faster.  Our paneling is thick enough to be nailed at an angle on the tongue to conceal all the nail holes when the groove side of the next board is slid in place.  This eliminates the need to caulk the holes before the final paint is applied.


On to the project and the images!

Here is a the before picture of the living room.  Before image of living room

After Picture of the living room ceiling

Finished product with Wood ceiling


As you can see the look of the ceiling is very similar to the same one pictured in the Southern Living image.  This whole look can be created in a 200 sq ft ceiling for less than $500 including the ceiling fan.  The whole look of the room is transformed into something out of a magazine.  All of your friends will be jealous.

Here is a local home in Cumming that did a similar look in their master bedroom and sitting room.

Wood Paneling in Ceiling

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