The Pine siding we produce at Thomas Lumber has all the great benefits of cedar siding but at a cheaper price. Our Bevel and Mood Bevel Pine Siding is created at our own mill and the highest standards. Both are #2 grade featuring a tight grain, solid knot structure, and a rough sawn face.

Thomas Lumber also sells a unique product called 2x8 D-Log Cabin. This unique product allows you to have a rustic log cabin look on the outside while the inside of the home doesn’t have the log look. As with our Bevel Pine we produce this product on site at our mill out of the same material.

Pine can be painted, stained or left natural. The maintenance of our pine siding is the same with any wood or siding product. The quality of the siding we produce helps to make sure your product will last a long time.

Available in 1x8 Bevel or Moody Bevel and 2x8 D-Log Cabin

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