Cypress is an extremely strong, durable and beautiful wood choice for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s very stable and resists warping and splitting. And because it is naturally resistant to decay, chemicals and insects, cypress is often used for long-term outdoor applications like telephone poles, railroad ties and fence posts.

Cypress is also gaining popularity for indoor uses such as paneling, railings, cabinets and beams. It has a beautiful honey-like hue that generally has olive or reddish tones indoors and weathers to gray if left untreated outdoors. It also easily accepts stains and paints.

Our Cypress paneling is often mistaken in our showroom for Western Red Cedar.  This common mistaken identity one of Cypress' strong points.  It has a lot of the same features as Cedar but at a lower price point.  Installed as paneling in a home it can easily be painted or stained making it an easy substitute for sheetrock or beadboard. 

Stop by our Cumming, Ga showroom to view the options of Cypress lumber in stock.

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