“Dizzy Joe” Pineapple on the JoeTisserie

The Joetisserie is one of Kamado Joe‘s newest accessories we have in stock at Thomas Lumber Company.  This is one of the best accessories we have seen in the kamado grilling world in a while.  The most common use is to use the Joetisserie to make rotisserie chicken or turkey for Thanksgiving but we are starting to see some great YouTube videos of uses for the Joetisserie.  This Dizzy Joe Pineapple is the best one we have seen yet.  Who would have thought you would be making desert on your Kamado Joe Grill?!  Plus with Father’s Day coming up this is a great gift for your father and it fits any kamado style grill 18″ in diameter (Big Green Egg, Grill Dome, Primo, Etc).

All it takes is a nice fat pineapple, a quarter cup of orange juice, rum, and Grand Mariner (or Triple Sec), some brown sugar and cinnamon.

Kamado Joe Jotisserie Pineapple
Kamado Joe Jotisserie Pineapple

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