Wood Paneling is one of the most versatile products we produce at Thomas Lumber.  Our 100% made in the USA paneling products are the best on the market.  We mill them here at our Cumming, Georgia mill where we watch the whole process to carefully assure each board is the same as the others.  Thomas Lumber Paneling Products feature unique details to separate them from other "paneling"prodcuts on the market.  We use a moulder to make custom tongue and groove boards that interlock together.  This tongue and groove along with the Beaded or V-Joint pattern yield a look that stands out from the crowd. 

Our paneling can be used on the inside or outside of a home, on the walls and ceiling, as wanescoating to dress up the dining room or office, painted or stained, and the list goes on and on.  Wood paneling helps to add a very unique look to area used that will stand out in any crowd.  Available in different deminsions and patterns that can be combined or stand alone to create the custom look you are going for.  

Wood Paneling is tough enough to handle the abuse any home owner can throw at it.  It resists scratches from kids and their toys.  When painted it is easy to clean those errant scuffs and crayon marks.  Being made 100% from a natural product it is 100% recyclable while helping insulate your home better.  The benefits of our wood paneling are limitless. 

Visit our Ponderossa Pine Paneling, Western Red Cedar, or Cypress paneling page for more info.

Western Red Cedar Paneling

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