High-Quality Cedar

Western Red Cedar is one of the most durable woods available. It comes in long lengths with a straight grain and even texture, and is very easy to work with and finish.

Western Red Cedar is often chosen for its beauty and versatility. It has many indoor uses but is also an exceptional choice for outdoor use, in all types of weather. It is naturally resistant to moisture, insects and decay. It also has double the stability of most common softwoods, meaning that it has significantly more resistance to warping and splitting. Plus, Western Red Cedar exceeds the minimum flame spread and smoke development classifications specified in many building codes, so it can be used without preservative treatment.

Cedar Beams are used in the southeast for a variety of purposes.  Timbers are used in many structures such as commercial, industrial and residential buildings; and in engineered and landscape structures.  The natural red color of the cedar helps to dress up any project.  Cedars natural resistance to warping and splitting helps make the home improvement last years, making your project a long term investment. 

Our Cedar Beams are available in both Rough Sawn and S4S (Smooth 4 Sides).

Thomas Lumber Company offers Western Red Cedar Beams and Timbers in the following sizes:

  • 4x4 RS and S4S 8'-20'
  • 4x4 S4S D & Better Clear 8'-20'
  • 4x6 RS and S4S 8'-20'
  • 4x8 RS and S4S 8'-20'
  • 4x10 RS and S4S 8'-20'
  • 4x12 RS and S4S 8'-20'
  • 6x6 RS and S4S 8'-20'
  • 6x8 RS and S4S 8'-20'
  • 6x12 RS and S4S 8'-20'
  • 8x8 RS and S4S 8'-20'
  • 8x12 RS and S4S 8'-20'
  • 10x10 RS and S4S 8'-20'
  • 12x12 RS and S4S 8'-20'

Thomas Lumber Company has the largest inventory of Western Red Cedar in Georgia.

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