Ipe lumber is known by many different names, including Ipe Brazil, Amapa, Greenheart and cortex. It is a very dense wood and comes from one of the tallest trees in the Amazon, so it is available in long lengths.

Ipe, or Brazilian hardwoods, offer the strength and durability of teak, for less cost. It has a Class A fire rating (the same as steel and concrete) and because it has no harmful chemicals added, it can be safely used near water.

Ipe is typically reddish brown in color and weathers to a light gray that can be power-washed back to the original look. You can also finish it with an oil similar to Penofin's Hardwood Penetrating Oil annually to retain the original appearance.

Here at Thomas Lumber we stock only the best grades of Ipe decking and handrail material.  We have 1x6 decking available in lengths from 6' to 20' at the best prices in the Metro Atlanta area.  Give us a call today.

Ipe Decking

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